Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dentistry in Gillette, WY

Dr. Bouzis and Hokanson are Gillette emergency dentists who serve all patients that have experienced dental injuries. You do not have to be a current patient of our practice to get the care and attention you need in a true dental emergency.

Call our office at (307) 257-8091 for an appointment. Even if your dental emergency occurs after hours, we encourage you to call our main office line. Our dentists’ home numbers are listed on our answering service and can also be found in the phone book if needed.

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Dental Care for Sports Injuries and Accidents

Some of the most common emergency dental problems occur from slip and fall accidents or injuries from high impact sports. Taking a spill can crack and fracture teeth, while an unintended hit during a game of football, soccer, or basketball can completely displace a tooth. If you’ve had your smile damaged during a sport or by another accident, it’s important to contact your dentist as soon as possible.

At Dental Care Center, LLC, our emergency dentists provide immediate care to restore your smile. Services available to treat broken, cracked, and missing teeth include:

• Same-Day, Chair-side Dental Bonding
• Temporary Restorations
• Implant Treatment Planning

Before your appointment at our office, we can get a jump start on your treatment plan by conducting a smartphone screening of your dental injury. Simply take a picture of the damaged part of your smile with your camera phone and send it to our office via text or e-mail, so our dentists can determine what your treatment should entail before you even step foot into our office. Whenever possible, we use digital technology to aid patient comfort and support expedient procedures.

Have your Broken Crowns and Dentures Fixed at our Office

If your dental crown is loose or has fallen out completely, or if your dentures have been damaged to the point when you cannot wear them comfortably, this is a dental emergency. Loose crowns can allow bacteria to access the vulnerable tooth structure underneath and a broken denture can damage soft tissue. If your crown has fallen out entirely, your prepared natural tooth is at additional risk for infection. Call our office as soon as possible for emergency dentistry to fix and replace your broken dental prosthetics.

Tooth Ache or Broken Tooth? Contact our Gillette Emergency Dentists

A painful tooth or damage to natural and restored teeth calls for attention from qualified emergency dentists. At Dental Care Center, LLC, we cater to patients’ needs with prompt attention for broken teeth, fractured teeth, toothaches, and broken dental appliances.

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