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Our Gillette dentists are committed to making sure you have a smile you can feel good about. Through implant dentistry, we can ensure that missing teeth don’t hamper your ability to smile, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods with confidence.

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Implant Treatment for Strong, Healthy Smiles

Implant Dentistry

As a general dental office, our focus is on ensuring your smile is aesthetically pleasing and functional by providing natural-looking restorations. Working in collaboration with Rapid City oral surgeons and periodontists, who are knowledgeable in precise implant placement, our dentists coordinate your treatment plan and finalize your new smile in our office. Before beginning your treatment plan, we evaluate your health and determine bone density to support best results. In some cases, our experienced dentists can even provide implant placement without a referral to an outside specialist.

Our implant restoration services include:

• Single Implant Crowns
• Multiple Unit Implant Bridges
• Permanent Implant-Supported Dentures

Implants provide the most ideal and natural way to replace teeth, both in terms of how your teeth look and how they help you bite, chew, and speak. As a teeth replacement solution, implants are some of the longest lasting prosthetics you can invest in. Their longevity comes from the way implants are placed, directly into the bone, and that they integrate with surrounding tissue, to act like our real teeth. If you require care for missing teeth and don’t want healthy, existing teeth prepared for a bridge, implants are an ideal option.

Full Mouth Restoration with Implants: Fixed Dentures

Dental Implant

Implant dentistry is particularly beneficial for patients who are currently wearing partial or full dentures, or those who are considering dentures as replacements for failing and damaged teeth. By placing just a few implants, our dentists provide patients with secure and stabilized full arch prosthesis that perform better than traditional, removable dentures. Depending on your needs, these dentures can be permanently anchored in place (hybrid dentures), or made to securely snap on and off implant attachments (overdentures.)

If you’re missing all or most of your natural teeth, you aren’t stuck with uncomfortable prosthetics. Fixed dentures in Gillette from our doctors provide you with the full smile you’ve been hoping for, without the discomfort of loose and ill-fitting teeth.

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